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Travel Insurance

How to Save Money on Your Travel Insurance and Still Get Great Cover

Going on holiday is something most of us look forward to all year long. The last thing we want to think about in the build-up to that, however, is what could go wrong. We want to think about the sun, the gorgeous beaches and the time away from the cares of work and home routines! However, we have to also be realistic and know that quite a few of us will end up in some sort of trouble whilst on holiday. Our luggage could be lost, our flights could be cancelled or delayed, we could have a medical emergency, or we might be the victim of a minor crime. Although we all hope that none of this happens, it is essential to have travel insurance in place to protect you and allow you to enjoy your break. Many people feel that the insurance they see advertised is too expensive, but with a little research it is possible to bring the prices down whilst still being covered properly. Here at Quote Supermarket we know our prices are fantastic, and our customers are not disappointed.

What Do You Have to Cover?

Think about things that could potentially go wrong. This is what you need to cover. A couple of standard problems include loss of luggage, problems with flights such as delays, holiday cancellation and medical problems or emergencies during the holiday. Other people need to find cover for high risk activities, like skiing, snowboarding or parachuting. With all of this information in mind, start using a comparison tool like Quote Supermarket to bring up options which meet your specific needs. This will help to show the best deals available.

Most peoples' needs will be met with a £1million cover limit for medical care, though it advisable to get a higher limit for travel to the USA or to Australia. Medical evacuation should also be included in the policy, particularly if there will be dangerous activities on the break. As well as those listed above, "dangerous" activities can also include BASE jumping, deep sea diving and even things like camel racing - be sure to check the documents thoroughly to see if your planned excursion would be exempt from insurance protection. All policies are different, and it is essential to make sure that you know exactly what is and isn't covered under that policy. If anything you think you are at risk of is not included, take out additional cover or seek a quote from another provider.

In terms of your luggage, make sure that the level of cover can actually cover the value of your belongings. You never want to be out of pocket. Similarly, with your cancellation cover, you have to make sure that you will at least get the actual cost of your holiday back. Travel insurance will also protect your valuables, like cameras, but where these exceed the stated single item limit (often around £200) they will need to be separately declared.

Don't delay any more - visit the Quote Supermarket online quote generator, which will produce your tailored quote immediately, or call one of our friendly advisors for more information today! Make sure your holiday is everything that it should be, and remembered for all the right reasons.

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