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Gadget Insurance

A Guide to Gadget Insurance for Those Who Want to Insure their Possessions

In a world where we are more reliant on our gadgets every day, protecting them from mishap is a priority. Once upon a time, people rose in the morning and left for work carrying their wallet, keys, lunch and perhaps the newspaper. Smokers had their packet of cigarettes, but that was the basic contents of a briefcase or handbag. Nowadays, things are significantly different. We reach for our smart phone, pick up our laptop or tablet computer and e-reader and perhaps add a digital camera to the briefcase before leaving the door. In fact, many people’s cigarettes have now become electronic devices as well! All of these are expensive items, meaning that gadget insurance is crucial. Quote Supermarket understands that better than most people, and is on hand at any time to help people protect the things they value.

Electronic gadgets are an integral part of our lives, now. People feel bereft if their laptop breaks down or their mobile phone is stolen, because they are in use constantly. They are so much a part of everyday life that people increasingly forget their high monetary value. According to research, the average value of the contents of a briefcase or handbag is now almost one thousand pounds. Yet people still leave their bags unattended, or lose things, or let them slip from their hands. How often have you dropped your smartphone down the toilet? How often have you noticed your electronic cigarette fell out of your pocket or that someone stole your tablet on the train?

What about Content Insurance?

Your home content insurance will sometimes protect your gadgets, but generally only covers them when they are actually inside your property. Not just that, many insurance companies have a limit on how expensive a certain item can be, which is often as little as £1,000. Laptops and tablet computers can easily exceed this figure. Furthermore, content insurance generally has a very high excess level, which means it could cost you too much to have an item replaced.

Understanding Gadget Insurance

With gadget insurance, all your electronic gadgets (known as consumer electronics) will be fully covered. Cover should include accidental damage, particularly in terms of liquid damage, but also theft and loss. It doesn't matter where you or your item is when it is stolen or damaged. Some of the items you could insure include smartphones, laptops, iPods and MP3 players, satnavs, tablets, cameras and camcorders.

So whilst some would say that there is no need to take out gadget insurance, the sheer value of the items we use every day suggests that something needs to be done to protect them. Many people take out warranties on individual items when they are purchased, but it is important to check whether this covers theft and loss - most only cover breakage and accidental damage. Taking out a single policy of insurance on gadgets rather than a number of individual covers would likely be cheaper as well as more thorough. Come the day that an item is lost, stolen or damaged, you'll definitely feel better for knowing it is insured. Getting a quote is simple: just call our contact centre or visit Quote Supermarket online and enter your requirements, and we’ll be able to help you find the best protection for your needs.

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