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Leisure Insurance

What Is Leisure Insurance and Who Should Consider Taking it Out?

When talking about leisure insurance, people can mean a number of different things. Most commonly, it is the insurance used by businesses who have one of several types of leisure facilities available to the public, including swimming pool and health spas, theatres, golf courses and amusement parks. However, increasing numbers of people are using the term to describe the kind of insurance which is taken out by owners of mobile homes and caravan parks – despite the fact that these tend to require a different kind of insurance policy. It is believed that this blurring of the definition has stemmed from the fact that a large number of amusement parks in the UK, which do require leisure insurance in the strictest understanding of the term, are also holiday parks and caravan sites.

The official definition remains the same, though: leisure insurance is cover for businesses offering services and facilities which are used for entertainment, leisure or cultural affairs. At Quote Supermarket, we know how important it is to protect your business investments. We are also experienced in dealing with all kinds of specific and niche insurance options, meaning that leisure clients are comfortable using our services for their insurance needs.

Why You Must Insure Your Business

Anyone who works in the leisure industry in some way will know that the business is completely tailored around keeping the public happy. It isn’t just about them being able to enjoy the facilities on offer but also covers their personal safety in the event of an accident or other problem. For instance, the business could be liable if somebody falls and gets injured or if their property gets damaged. Similarly, it also has to protect the safety and rights of any team members. If something were to go wrong which affects a member of staff or a member of the public, the business could have to pay compensation.

This is made even more difficult to prevent when the number of uncontrollable elements is considered. Problems can be caused by adverse weather conditions, accidental fires, loss of equipment or damage to machinery as well as many other random factors. Not only can these eventualities cause significant damage to the reputation of the business, they can also be costly to resolve. Whilst they cannot be directly prepared for, insurance can offer some guarantee that the problems can be resolved calmly.

The leisure industry is reliant on its reputation to ensure that people are happy to come into their museums, parks, pools or leisure centres and relax. Although it is not possible to protect against every eventuality, having a good insurance policy in place will be a real benefit in handling situations when something does go wrong. Plus, with the availability of the internet and use of comparison tools like Quote Supermarket, the financial outlay on insurance can be dramatically less than the cost of clearing up from an accident without their protection. Call us today or use our online service to see what protection we can offer you, and make sure that if the worst happens, you are fully prepared.

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