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Static Caravan Insurance

Static Caravan Insurance Policy Information – What Does the Fine Print Actually Mean?

Static caravans are fantastic things to have for a holiday or even for growing children to live in with a little more independence. However, they are a sizeable investment to make and should be treated as such, making it surprising that many people do not insure their static caravan. Caravans on the grounds at home are assumed to be part of the home buildings and contents insurance; on the caravan site, it is assumed that they are covered by the park insurance policy. In reality, neither of these can be guaranteed without thorough research. In addition, neither of these kinds of insurance policy are tailored to the specific requirements of the holiday home: instead, you need specific static caravan insurance. At Quote Supermarket, we are able to offer fantastic prices on insurance for your caravan which meets all of your needs whilst still providing great service and care.

How Buildings or Parks Insurance is Lacking

If you have your static caravan insured under your buildings insurance, as part of your garden, you will only be insured to damages to the outside of the caravan, not to anything you had inside. Hence, if you have a flood for instance, your insurance company will pay for the repairs to your static caravan’s structural damage but you won’t receive any compensation for your furniture or any other belongings inside the property.

In terms of park insurance, it is indeed true that your static caravan may be insured under the policy of the park’s owner. However, it is likely that this is once again only for the building of your caravan and not the content. Perhaps more importantly, if you are unhappy with how the park’s owner deals with the claim you will need to start a dispute against them, for which you would then not be covered.

What Is Covered Under Insurance for a Static Caravan?

You can expect the following to be included in these insurance policies as a bare minimum:

  • Fire, lightning, smoke, riots, earthquake and damage caused by falling trees.
  • Cover for any features you have on the outside of your static caravan, like steps, storage chests, patios, balconies, floatation devices or skirting boards.
  • Cover against damage caused by other elements, such as floods or storms.
  • Covers against vandalism or other types of malicious damage.
  • Cover for escaping oil, water or gas from internal systems, such as heating or water systems.
  • Cover in case you are unable to use the caravan, including alternative accommodation.
  • Cover to remove any debris if the caravan is damaged.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Public liability insurance (generally up to £5 million).
  • New for old cover on the market value of the caravan, although generally only until your caravan is 10 years old, after which it will change to like for like cover.

Most of the time, static caravan insurance can also include cover for the contents of your caravan. This will come at an additional cost on your premium, of course, but it may be worth considering. Do also speak to your insurance company about which parts inside of your caravan are included in the cover without the need for additional content, as many static caravans are built furnished, rather than having movable furniture. Call Quote Supermarket today or visit our online quote service to receive your personalised quote and to discuss your options – join the ranks of customers who enjoy our service and can relax at their caravan knowing that even if something does go wrong, they are protected.

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