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Horse Insurance

What Is Covered under Most Horse Insurance Policies?

Most people would presume that horse insurance is straightforward, comparable between the different companies. However, there are numerous types of cover for horses available and it is important to find the most suitable policy. A horse is an expensive pet and in the current economic climate, everyone wants to make sure their finances are as well managed as possible. Horses are susceptible to illness and injury like any other pet, but there is also a greater risk of theft. Insurance is important protection. Here at Quote Supermarket, we understand how important your horse is to you and are able to offer insurance to help should something go wrong.

Basic Cover

Most animal insurers will offer a basic package of insurance as an entry level package. Comparable to the ‘third party, fire and theft; insurance cover of a vehicle, this insures against the horse’s death, straying or theft. The policy pays out for any associated fees with these situations, such as vet';s bills or retrieval costs. For some people, this is enough to help protect their animal and offer peace of mind. Others prefer to customise their policy with additional features.

Additional Options on Your Insurance

The additional options can include:

  • Cover for vet fees. Vet's fees can be expensive, particularly for horse care. The animal cannot generally be taken to the practice, necessitating the costs of a home visit from the veterinarian, as well as the costly medications themselves. Most people tend to include healthcare on their insurance policy to protect themselves from these high charges.
  • Permanent loss of use cover enables a payout of between 60% and 100% of the policy's amount if the horse is not able to take part in a specific activity. This insurance is generally taken out for show horses and for particular events, rather than constantly.
  • Third party liability protection covers compensation and legal costs in cases where another party holds you and your horse responsible for damage to their property, or injury or death of another person.
  • Personal accidents cover in case you are injured when riding.
  • Insurance for your saddle and tack, covering its damage or theft and useful because saddles and accessories are often very expensive to replace.

Choosing the Type of Cover

As seen, there are significant differences in the types of horse insurance available. It is important to ensure that various companies are compared on their coverage as well as their pricing to create the best level of insurance protection. Using comparison websites can be an easy way to achieve this. The needs of the horse and its owner can be fully protected by insurance, as long as the policy is carefully chosen to cover every necessary aspect. Call Quote Supermarket today to explore how we can meet your needs, or apply for a quote online – it couldn’t be easier.

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