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Office Insurance

What Is Office Insurance and Why Do You Need it?

Office insurance is absolutely necessary in terms of protection for yourself, your staff, items in your office premises, the premises themselves and all your equipment. In fact, this insurance could save thousands of pounds in the event of an accident. For instance, if a fire were to break out in the office, repairing the building, replacing all of the physical items of office furniture, equipment and customer information could even be so costly that it could put the company out of business on a permanent basis. Without insurance, the financial stress would be enormous. Quote Supermarket is fully experienced in caring for customers during these difficult times: our customers trust us to help them when they need it the most.

Before buying an insurance policy, it is important to take the time to research all of the options which are available. Here at Quote Supermarket we make this easy. It is important to not simply be swayed by their prices, but rather to look at which specific features are included in each quote and how they would meet your business’ needs. Direct contact with insurance providers and word of mouth recommendations can also be useful in finding a good quality insurer for your business. Choosing a reputable company is important, so be sure to research their reputation and even look for reviews from other customers.

The content of the policy itself is just as important, of course. As a minimum, you should expect business contents cover and buildings insurance, protection for business interruption, legal liability assistance, computer breakdown care, loss of data and of money (which includes theft) and terrorism damage protection in your policy. Very often, these elements are not included as standard on a policy. However, the better insurance companies will be able to add them to the coverage. Be sure to check that their fees for this additional cover are comparable to that of other companies.

Before signing any policy, read it thoroughly and check all of the fine print details. These ensure that you know exactly what level of care is provided by your insurance policy and will be protected in the event of an incident. Specifically, look for details of the minimum security standards, which will state the building requirements which must be followed in order for a claim to be valid (for instance, the building will not be insured if the doors are left unlocked) as well as looking for the average clause, stock, theft including violent entry and details regarding shared premises. Making sure you know and understand your office insurance policy will help ensure that if the worst should happen, you are able to quickly and easily make your claim. If there are any questions, your Quote Supermarket team will be on hand to help you, whether by telephone or online support. Call us today to start the process of protecting your business, or use the online service to get a personalised quote today.

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