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Touring Caravan Insurance

What Can You Expect to See Included in Touring Caravan Insurance?

One of the best things about owning a touring caravan is that you can travel all over, see what you want to see and stop wherever you would like to spend the night. However, actually purchasing your first touring caravan can be quite a daunting experience. What if something goes wrong, after all? Although nobody can stop accidents from happening, you can have insurance in place to make sure you don’t suffer unnecessary trouble – especially financially. You may not have known that this type of insurance is not covered as standard under your car’s insurance. And if you tell your insurance company that you are towing a caravan, they are likely to simply add third party, fire and theft to your policy, rather than full touring caravan insurance. At Quote Supermarket, we understand how important the touring lifestyle can be and how important it is to protect your caravan. The insurance deals we offer are not only at great prices, but also meeting all of your policy needs. If you do like to travel with a touring caravan, getting good insurance in place is essential – we know this, and think that our insurance packages are perfect for protecting your investment.

What Is Covered under Insurance for Touring Caravans?

Various things are included as standard under a good quality policy of this kind. Some things to look for are:

  • Cover for replacement or repair of damage to your caravan, to the awning, the equipment in the caravan or any personal belongings inside the unit.
  • Good, comprehensive new for old cover (although generally only available for caravans up to 10 years old).
  • Guaranteed value cover, which guarantees you will always get at the very least the market value of your touring caravan, which is particularly important if it is over 10 years old.
  • Zero excess for theft, so long as you have a security device that is classed as suitable by your insurance company.
  • Contents cover (up to a certain stated value).
  • Personal accident cover.

Generally, there are number of additional types of cover you can add, such as cover for your family and friends, cover for loss of use, public liability insurance and European insurance.

More often than not, insurance companies that provide touring caravan insurance will include membership to caravanning clubs. If this is only your first time going out with a touring caravan, you may wonder what the benefits of clubs might be. However, once you have started to use it, you will notice that people with these types of caravans form communities. They meet up in various places, they give each other advice, they build friendships and more. Some would say that becoming a member of a touring caravan club is actually the best part about the entire insurance policy, enabling relationships to form which enhance the whole touring caravan experience. Call Quote Supermarket today to discuss your options and get a personalised quote – or use our website to receive your tailored information right now.

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