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Understanding Pony Insurance

Pony insurance can be incredibly complicated - so much so that many people decide they do not need it. At Quote Supermarket, however, we try and make it easy for everyone to understand how to protect their pony. Most equestrian specialists and veterinarians would agree that it is always better to take out an insurance policy which will help in the event of difficulties. Each individual situation is unique, but most people would benefit from a level of protection.

What If I Loan my Pony?

If you are taking out a pony on loan, you should still get insurance. Start, however, by checking whether the pony’s owner already has insurance cover. If they do, and the cover is sufficient for your needs, you can simply be added to the policy. You do, however, need some form of written confirmation of this, as well as a comprehensive copy of the policy so that you know what is and isn’t included.

Understanding the level of cover in place is absolutely critical. For instance, if you are loaning the pony specifically for show events and the pony is unable to perform at one of these events, you would need permanent loss of use cover - which is not standard in a basic insurance policy. Similarly, if the owner of the horse says it is insured, this does not necessarily mean that vet fees are covered. Yet if you loan a horse or pony, you become responsible for the payment of healthcare bills so this is something you might want to be included.

It should also be asked whether the pony insurance cover in place will include third party liability and personal accident. If the pony is hired simply for grazing on self contained land, this might not be necessary, but not people ride their ponies near to other people, on public land or even on private ground which borders another’s field. This means there is a risk that someone else’s property could be damaged, creating a need for third party and personal accident cover.

Many companies give the option of “rider insurance” rather than full “horse insurance” policies. This is cover designed for those who ride horses and ponies which they do not own, and can sometimes include emergency vet fee cover as well as the other features. For many people who loan a pony, this can be a useful option, both for its rider protection and the help in the event of an emergency medical situation.

Ultimately, the range of insurance options means that policies can be tailored to meet each individual’s needs. Whilst this can seem overwhelming, using comparison websites and reading each description carefully should help to clarify the process, and it is important to protect yourself and your horse from harm. Whether the horse is owned privately or on loan from elsewhere, taking care of the animal tends to mean insuring it against the range of problems which can occur. At Quote Supermarket, we can help you find the right insurance for your needs – simply call to discuss your options or use our online service to build your personalised quote today.

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