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Park Home Insurance

What Is Park Home Insurance for Residents and What Benefits Does it Offer?

When people book to stay in a park home on a temporary basis, whether for holidays or as a tenant, it is likely that the property’s owner already has the relevant insurance to protect the physical building. However, if you are living there all year round then it is likely that you will have more specific insurance needs that those provided by the basic building cover. In fact, even people who only spend part of their year in their park home would likely find that a specific policy of park home insurance which is designed for residents would benefit them.

Firstly, as this is a rather niche insurance area it is important to make sure that the provider is experienced in this kind of policy and will be able to answer all of the relevant questions. Here at Quote Supermarket, we have all the practical knowledge required to protect people’s park homes and numerous satisfied customers. When looking for a policy, start with our online tool, enter your details and it will show you features and benefits of each insurance package which is available It is also useful to look for policies which come with a no claims bonus or other bonuses. Many people’s park homes significantly increase in value around Christmas, where the home is full with expensive presents and all the food and drink for the festive system. Some companies allow for this with additional contents value coverage at that time of year or other benefits to customers.

Benefits of Insuring Your Park Home

  • The possibility of insuring new for old
  • Coverage for storms, fires and floods
  • Coverage for accidental damage and cover
  • If your home becomes uninhabitable for a short period of time, you should be given alternative accommodation in a location that is similar to the one you have had to leave behind whilst remaining in the same geographical area
  • Legal cover for all issues relating to the damage, including any disputes you may have with the site’s owner, or they with you
  • Cover for loss of money that is kept in the home (most insurance companies will cover you up to £500)
  • Lock replacement if your keys have been stolen (up to a given value)
  • Public liability insurance is usually included

A Few Extras You Can and Should Look into

Do make sure that your insurance policy has a recommended and trusted underwriter. Furthermore, you should be able to build up a no claims bonus as you would with car insurance. Also, if you are over 50, you may be able to receive a reduced rate on your policy. Lastly, do make sure that the service you receive is provided by true experts who have been trained specifically in park homes and their protection.

Park homes are very different from any other kind of home. You are exposed to different risks than you would in a traditional property, as well as to different hazards. Therefore it is important to take out park home insurance through a company that has experience dealing with these circumstances and lifestyles. Call Quote Supermarket today – or use our simple online service – to get your personalised quote and start making sure your park home is protected.

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